September 30, 2014
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to explain the experience we had when we purchased our Great Dane (Riddick) from Dynasty Danes on 1/31/2014. We have purchased Great Danes through other breeders before and I can say that Dynasty Danes kennel has far exceeded any kennel we have visited in the past. When we were doing our research prior to purchasing Riddick, Dynasty Danes was recommended to us more than one time by other Great Dane breeders. (They either didn’t currently have a litter ready for sale or were farther away than we wanted to travel). Due to all the praise Anne’s kennel received we made the 5 ½ hour drive and could not have been more impressed with the facilities. Her facilities were totally enclosed in a large building that was constructed specifically for the dogs. At the back of each stall was a ‘doggie door’ for them to come in and out of the kennel as needed. I believe, going strictly off memory, there were 5-6 large stalls for the teenage and adult danes and then 2 large separate stalls for the puppies. When we walked into the building there was not a ‘stench’ that you might expect to find and it was comfortably warm inside. They provide the dogs with heating and air conditioning as well as a large playing area behind the kennel. It was very obvious to us that her dogs are VERY well taken care of and was just the sweetest bunch of animals! I recommend her kennel to others every chance I get and we would most definitely purchase another one of her Great Danes in the future. Riddick has been such a blessing to our family. We were told by our Veterinarian that he can tell Riddick comes from a very good blood line and that he is very healthy. I would be happy to provide more information if necessary, but to sum this letter up… Anne loves her dogs and it’s very obvious by the facilities she provides for them.
Laura Martin

I would like to let you know how pleased we were to see your kennel and all of your dogs. We were especially excited to find not only your kennels in a very clean condition but also all of your dogs were all in such good condition both your stud dogs and puppies as well. We have been searching on the internet through many sites to find someone who had AKC registered Great Danes and yours by far were the nicest we saw over a broad part of the country. As mentioned we have shown Great Danes at AKC shows in the past and all of your animals in a wide variety of the standard colors were hands down some of the nicest to be found. Even our vet noted how good the condition of our female was and even asked where we purchased our new pet from. We have received numerous compliments on both color and how beautiful our puppy is. Thank you again for our wonderful new friend and we hope you have continued success with all of your animals. You can rest assured that we will be recommending your dogs to our contacts.
Brenda & Ron Reeley

Questions or Comments:
I want to add my heart felt thanks to Anne and her family for my Great dane Duke. He is the best Dane!….excellent temperament, intelligent, handsome, playful…..guess you can tell he is the best dog. In all seriousness Duke is my 8th. dane and I love them all but Duke is special. Anne was so kind in her understanding of my loss of my previous Dane Bullet and Duke has made my everyday. My football players love him, the kids in the neighborhood are convinced he is “Scooby” and lives here when he is not making movies….the moms started the rumor and asked that I please continue it….:)
I thank you again Anne and hope your family has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Duke & Hal
Name: Hal Brown
Phone: 704-564-4289




Good morning, just got back from walking Chopper. He’s such a good boy and gosh do you wanna talk about attached to my hip. I’ve had many dogs before that are attached and that follow me all over but not like Chopper. I’m having a hard time typing right now cause he’s either trying to put his head on the keyboard or his head right against mine, lol!! He’s just the sweetest, sweetest dog! He’s never ever been the slightest bit mean towards anything, even bunnies:))) I have one that comes here for a nail trim. Chopper loves the bunny! I cannot rave enough about his temperament to you or ever thank you enough for such a wonderful boy! He is the full package what a great dane is suppose to be and that’s exactly why I knew I wanted our next from you and that was that. I’ve had danes in the past but never the full package. I had a huge ungodly fawn male and just absolutely stunning but his temperament was absolute SHIT!!!!! Excuse my choice words but it was. The breeders only cared about size and boy did I find out the hard way about bad genes no matter how good I did with him. Anyways, sorry to ramble I’m just so proud of Chopper and so thankful to you for having and breeding such wonderful Dane’s.


We are so very happy with our “Great Dane” that we got from Anne Zoelle with She is just a wonderful person, she is very good with the dogs, and she is very professional, and we have never ever had a problem with our baby. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is now 5 year’s old and is just a perfect with the kid’s.

~Stacey Jimenez

I just wanted you to know that I love the fawn male that I bought from you last year. I named him Duke of Earl. He is big, beautiful and so smart. He has the greatest disposition – so loving and sweet – yet he is also very protective. Last week someone tried to break into my house. Duke greeted them at the back door and they took off. He may just have saved my life. I am installing a security system this week. I feel very secure with him here but I think a security system will protect us both. Duke takes up a lot of room on the couch and I had to get him his own bed because he steals all the covers.  Duke is also the hit of the neighborhood. All the kids love him and he is so gentle with them. He loves playing soccer with them. He hits the ball with his nose and the kids chase it and they throw it back to him and he either hits it again with his nose or kicks it with his paw. I feel so guilty when I tell him play time is over and he has to come in the house..Anne, I am so grateful that you allowed me to have this wonderful dog. He has brought so much joy into my life. Thank you again for the GREAT Great Dane that I love and cherish.


Anne, We decided on a name for the little boy. Moose is his new name and he is eating like a champ! He’s doing amazing with potty training already! He also trots around the house like he owns it. Thank you very much for a perfect boy! I will send you pictures soon of the little man growing up. You guys are awesome and I will refer anyone to you. Thank you for everything,

~Lisa and Moose 🙂

We picked up our puppy London about 3 weeks ago and are very happy with her. She is healthy and happy and getting along fine with our other Dane. We took her to the vet and he checked her out and said so far so good. Thanks for everything and we will send pictures as she grows. She is already 21lbs and cute as can be! We love her

~Erika Mercz