Good morning, just got back from walking Chopper. He’s such a good boy and gosh do you wanna talk about attached to my hip. I’ve had many dogs before that are attached and that follow me all over but not like Chopper. I’m having a hard time typing right now cause he’s either trying to put his head on the keyboard or his head right against mine, lol!! He’s just the sweetest, sweetest dog! He’s never ever been the slightest bit mean towards anything, even bunnies:))) I have one that comes here for a nail trim. Chopper loves the bunny! I cannot rave enough about his temperament to you or ever thank you enough for such a wonderful boy! He is the full package what a great dane is suppose to be and that’s exactly why I knew I wanted our next from you and that was that. I’ve had danes in the past but never the full package. I had a huge ungodly fawn male and just absolutely stunning but his temperament was absolute SHIT!!!!! Excuse my choice words but it was. The breeders only cared about size and boy did I find out the hard way about bad genes no matter how good I did with him. Anyways, sorry to ramble I’m just so proud of Chopper and so thankful to you for having and breeding such wonderful Dane’s.