Ref-Laura Martin

September 30, 2014
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to explain the experience we had when we purchased our Great Dane (Riddick) from Dynasty Danes on 1/31/2014. We have purchased Great Danes through other breeders before and I can say that Dynasty Danes kennel has far exceeded any kennel we have visited in the past. When we were doing our research prior to purchasing Riddick, Dynasty Danes was recommended to us more than one time by other Great Dane breeders. (They either didn’t currently have a litter ready for sale or were farther away than we wanted to travel). Due to all the praise Anne’s kennel received we made the 5 ½ hour drive and could not have been more impressed with the facilities. Her facilities were totally enclosed in a large building that was constructed specifically for the dogs. At the back of each stall was a ‘doggie door’ for them to come in and out of the kennel as needed. I believe, going strictly off memory, there were 5-6 large stalls for the teenage and adult danes and then 2 large separate stalls for the puppies. When we walked into the building there was not a ‘stench’ that you might expect to find and it was comfortably warm inside. They provide the dogs with heating and air conditioning as well as a large playing area behind the kennel. It was very obvious to us that her dogs are VERY well taken care of and was just the sweetest bunch of animals! I recommend her kennel to others every chance I get and we would most definitely purchase another one of her Great Danes in the future. Riddick has been such a blessing to our family. We were told by our Veterinarian that he can tell Riddick comes from a very good blood line and that he is very healthy. I would be happy to provide more information if necessary, but to sum this letter up… Anne loves her dogs and it’s very obvious by the facilities she provides for them.
Laura Martin